Sisters Network Northeast Florida is an affiliate chapter of Sisters Network ® Inc., a leading voice and the only national African American breast cancer survivorship organization in the United States. The Northeast Florida Chapter, serving Jacksonville and the surrounding counties, was established in August 1997 to assist African American women diagnosed with breast cancer to reclaim a sense of control for their health and to seek a full and renewed life. It is a 501(c)3, survivor and volunteer-run organization.

Since the chapter’s inception in 1997, and with the collaborative efforts of many volunteers and community groups, thousands have been reached with vital information through educational outreach that addresses the specific needs of the minority and medically underserved populations. Outreach projects include workshops, speaker presentations, health fairs participation, and an annual breast cancer symposium first held in September 1999.

Each year the Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaign and Gift for Life Block Walk® (national community-based projects of Sisters Network ® Inc) reach thousands with breast health and community resource information. The ultimate goal is to empower women with the knowledge and desire to achieve a better quality of life and health for themselves and for those who may follow.

Members and individuals seeking the services provided by Sisters Network Northeast Florida  can reach the office at (904) 757 6622. Messages left during off-hours are returned the next business day. Individuals may also e-mail the chapter at Survivorship meetings are held each third Saturday (except holidays) at 1826 Dunn Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida.

Gift For Life Block Walk®

Affiliate chapters of Sisters Network® Inc. collaborate with organizations and community groups to coordinate the promotion of breast health awareness in the African American community through the Gift for Life Block Walk. This unique and innovative program allows breast cancer survivors to partner with volunteers and canvas door-to-door in the African American community to distribute breast health education brochures, resource information, and pink ribbons. The community has an opportunity to meet survivors, hear their stories, and experience their triumph over breast cancer. Individuals are invited to the event site to enjoy refreshments and visit breast cancer related agency exhibits and learn more about the resources and services available. Free mammograms are also offered by a mobile unit at select Sisters Network® Inc, affiliate chapters.

Pink Ribbon Awareness Initiative

The pink ribbon is the national symbol for breast cancer awareness. The Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaign is Sisters’ national faith-based educational outreach program that reaches women in church with information on how to access breast care services and resources. The focus of this outreach is to increase the number of women obtaining mammograms and heighten their general knowledge. Sisters Network affiliate chapter members and community volunteers disseminate information on breast cancer to African American churches across the United States. SNI members give testimonies as survivor role models to encourage and inspire.


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